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Creating visual styling and illustration assets for Peekapak Middle School Product.

Peekapak is an education resource that incorporates Social-Emotional Learning into English Language Arts education. In 2021, they were developing new Middle School content where I create the visual styling and illustrations for the Lesson slide decks used in the classroom, as well as the illustrations on the website for both student-facing and teacher-facing content. I also helped with marketing and promotional material to inform new and existing users that the new Middle School product was being launched.

The project took lots of collaboration, discussions, organization, and process work - but the result is classroom and at-home lessons that are visually appeal and will aid in the content to engage students. 

I did not write the content of the lessons; the copy was written by other collaborators on the project. All content and intellectual property belongs to Peekpak. 

More Graphic Design Work

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