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graphic icons in circles - sheep sleeping on moon, carrot with bite taken out of it, simplified geometric person with heart in chest jumping


Sleep better. Eat healthier. Follow your heart.

Vector Icon Designs


Icon Set School Assignment: 

Create three icons that each represent a common New Years Resolutions. The icons should look like a set and can only use black and white. 

I focused on using the shape as a way to unify the style of the icons and make them look like a set. Each icon follows the same curve on the bottom right of the circle. I kept the amount of black and white about equal in all three icons. 

It was a challenge to only use black and white. I also wanted to avoid using linework - instead opting for bold, graphic shapes. I'm particularly happy with the way I illustrated the sheep in the first icon - especially the white part of the wool being against the white background. I used the shapes of the arm and foot to create closure for the rest of its body to distinguish them, without the use of linework. 

More Graphic Design Work

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